In April 2002, we, along with Jeremee Record released our Jazz/Adult Contemporary CD entitled, “My Heart is for You.”

This smooth jazz project,”My Heart is for You” is a combination of all of our musical influences. It features me on keyboards and lead vocals and Butch on bass guitar and vocals. All of the songs were written and produced by the us.

It includes Nate Reynolds, Dennis Chambers,drummer for Santana; George Gray drummer for Abdullah Ibriham; Greg Grainger and Joshua Coleman. Paul Soroka is featured on Windriver; Brad Collins on saxophone; John Grant and Carl Filipiak on guitar; Victor Williams and Rasheedi Bowe on percussion, Moe Daniels on keyboards on “Everlasting Love” and Jeremy Coleman and Joe Jenkins on vocals.

As stated in a review by Music Monthly, “They write great music, one of the best is “One More Time”. What a great tune”. My Heart Is For You has something for everyone; smooth vocals and jazz instrumentals, “It’s ALL There For You.”