Night Sketches



  1. Here I Go Again
  2. You Were Sent
  3. Fallen
  4. Only One
  5. Malibu
  6. Carry My Heart
  7. We Belong Together
  8. Yellow Butterfly
  9. The Conversation
  10. Words
  11. B4
  12. That's How It Goes With Love

Thank you God for giving us the gift of music and making all of this possible. To all of the musicians and engineers who worked so hard on this project, we thank you. Your talents are superb and incomparable. With your help we could take a few notes and make it into something so very special and musical. We could not have done this without your tireless energy and dedication. To our family, friends, fans and all of you who continue to support us, we love and appreciate you.Thank you for supporting our musical vision…. Butch & Rhonda

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